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Post-Accident Testing in Covington

Post-Accident or Post-Incident Testing

The DOT outlines specific guidelines for post-accident (often referred to as post-incident) testing including requirements for:

  • Those needing to undergo alcohol testing
  • Those needing to undergo substance abuse testing
  • The timing the testing must occur

ARCpoint Labs of Covington for DOT-approved Post-accident Testing

To make sure your business is equipped to handle accidents and avoid having to maintain files and records of why proper testing was not performed, contact ARCpoint Labs of Covington today.

We’ll make sure you have all of the information needed to receive prompt DOT-approved alcohol and drug tests when your company is involved in an accident.

ARCpoint Labs of Covington offers emergency and post-accident (post-incident) testing programs that are completely DOT compliant; even for non-DOT regulated clients. We work with a national collection site network that includes extended hours, emergency room collections and mobile collectors. Many of our locations offer 24-hour emergency on-site/mobile services.

Learn More About Our Testing Services

Please contact ARCpoint Labs of Covington for more information.