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Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in Covington

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA), as a part of the Department of Transportation (DOT), provides financial and technical assistance to local public transit systems. The main goals of this administration are to help new transit systems and improve and maintain the current transit systems across the country.

Keeping Commuters Safe with FTA DOT Drug Testing

The FTA exists to improve communities through the use of transit systems. These systems can affect the lives of all in those communities by offering safe and convenient modes of travel. The FTA ensures that the transit employees it assists follow DOT regulations. ARCpoint Labs of Covington offers drug and alcohol testing to make sure that all systems assisted by the FTA are in compliance.

Maintaining Standards

The DOT has strict regulations for drug testing, including those performed for FTA systems. ARCpoint Labs of Covington technicians meet all standards, such as those set for specimen collectors, collection sites, supplies, forms, reporting and procedures.

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Covington for approved FTA DOT drug testing and collection services.

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